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General Reminders

  • Check your resume for grammatical errors. Then check it again.
  • Make sure that the important information stands out.
  • Check for consistencies in the way headings and punctuation are used.
  • Use easy-to-read font.
  • Also, it's best to make your resume look professional rather than fancy. Recruiters READ the resume, they don't just admire the paper or the layout.
  • Unless the job posting requires you to, refrain from putting in personal information like height, weight, civil status, age etc. The name and contact info will do. Don't send a photograph unless specified by the employer.
  • When filling out a jobsite resume form (like ours), fill in as much information about yourself as you can - especially in the Skills and Experience part. This will make it easier for employers to find your resume - especially since most recruiters working online use KEYWORDS and FILTERED SEARCHES. The more information there is on your online form, the less chances of being filtered out, the more keywords there are in your resume to be included in a recruiter's keyword match.
  • If you happen to have more than two pages worth of resume, TRY SHORTENING IT. This is especially helpful if you know there are a lot of people applying for the job you want.
  • Don't use a font size that's too big.
  • Shorten and simplify your sentences. The key is to be CONCISE.
  • If its still around three pages, weed out information that you think would not be relevant to the job you're applying for anyway.


After you've done all of the above…congratulations. You've finally made a resume that says, "READ ME." That's important enough, since recruiters won't usually read resumes that are too long, too fancy or just plain hard to read and understand. This is especially true for those job postings that surely attract a lot of applicants; and when that happens, recruiters get swamped with more resumes than they could handle. In this situation, recruiters usually spend less time reading and scanning each resume - so make sure yours gets read easily but is rich enough to be remembered and filed for a second reading.

Now we make your resume into one that says "READ ME AND HIRE ME." Click Here for more tips, strategies and guides to building a better resume.

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