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Killer Tips

After going through the basics of building a good resume, now is the time to make it a BETTER one. Usually you'd search through the internet for those insider tricks that'll land you an interview after they read your resume, but not today.

We already did that.

Below are some of the best tips we found on making your resume sell your expertise best:

  • Use "power" words to describe work experience. Manager. Director. Supervisor. These are the people at work that have all the beef. Using words that describe the duties of these people help out well, especially if you're eyeing a management position. It shows that you, too, can handle that kind of position. As such, its useful to use words like "managed," "directed," "supervised," etc. to describe what you did; for instance, instead of saying "instructed and interns on online research for Sales Department" you can say "Managed research team for valuable Sales Support.
  • Try to relate old job titles you've held into the job you're applying for. A jobhunter previously in sales may want to tweak around with the part of his resume that says "Sales Executive," especially if he wants to move on into a managerial position in a Bank, "Account Manager" looks more matched. The key is to make you look as familiar as possible with the job you are applying for. The same goes for the duties that you performed under each job; tailor-fit each entry to also have the same familiar look. Emphasize and stylize those that are important to the job you are applying for, and weed out those duties recruiters don't care to read about
  • Customize your resume to fit the company you're applying to. This means spending extra time before sending out each resume. Be sure to modify the Job Objectives and all other appropriate info on your resume before sending; highlight the skills you think would be more attractive to each company and for each job you send it out to. This shows the company that you truly are interested both in their company and the posting you are applying to, and that's a plus.

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