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 To log in, type your e-mail address on the required space and password as you have entered on your  registration at JobsCity.NET.

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"I can't login." (Error: not logged in)

There are two main reasons why someone cannot login.

Reason#1 - Cookies not enabled. A cookie is a method for a web server to maintain 'state', allowing users to navigate different pages on a web site. Our site also requires cookies enabled for security purposes. Please refer to the following instructions to turn them on.

Enabling Cookies

For Netscape 6.x or higher
1) click "Edit" on the Toolbar, click "Preferences"
2) click "Privacy and Security" category, expand list to show subcategories
3) click "Cookies", select "Enable All Cookies"

For Netscape 4.x
1) from "Edit" pulldown menu, select "Prefrences"
2) select category "Advanced"
3) under "Cookies", select "Accept All Cookies"

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x
1) from "Tools" pulldown menu, select "Internet Options"
2) select "Privacy" tab
3) select "Advanced" as zone
4) "Deselect" override automatic cookie handling button
click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the screen
6) click "OK" to exit

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x
1) from "Tools" pulldown menu, select "Internet Options"
2) select "Security" tab
3) select "Internet" as zone
4) click "Custom Level" button near bottom of dialog box
scroll down to "Cookies" category
6) select either "Enable" or "Prompt" for both cookie types

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x
1) go to "View" on the menubar, select "Internet Options"
2) click the "Advanced" tab
3) go down to the "Cookies" section
4) click "Always Accept Cookies"

For other browsers please refer to your browser's documentation on cookies and set to "Accept all cookies", "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server" or set Cookie Cop to accept cookies from "".

Reason#2 - Incompatible (old) Internet browsers. JobsCity.NET requires some of the utilities available in the more recent browser releases. Netscape 4.x or higher and Microsoft iExplorer 4.x or higher should be fine. Download the newer versions if necessary.

" I want to create a new account."

Click Create New Account and submit your email address. Our system will immediately send you simple instructions on creating a new account.

" Can I create more than one account?"

Registering for more than one free employer account is not allowed, unless you are recruiting for two or more unrelated businesses. Also, only one free employer account is allowed per company, except when the company is large, then each regional office is allowed a free account. If your company qualifies for more than one free account each new account must be registered with a different e-mail. And you can only register for company names which have not been taken (See below).

"I tried signing up for JobsCity.Net but was unable to because someone else from my Company is already signed up. Is there anyway I can sign up also?"

Our system only allows paid accounts to have multiple users per unique company. The free accounts only allow one user per unique company.

If you want to use the exact company name, contact the registered user and get the person to upgrade the account to a paid membership so that they can add you as a user. Or if they are no longer using the service, have them update the account information and make you the owner of the account. Inform us thru our feedback form if you cannot contact the user and we will delete the account if it is considered defunct (not used in the last 6 months). Once we delete the account you will be able to register the company name.

If someone already registered your company but no one from your regional office, then you can register your regional office by stating it on your company name.

" System cannot find my username."

Reason #1: Your username is your e-mail address, and if the system cannot find your correctly typed username, then you might not be registered yet. To be a member, please read the information above on creating a New Account.

Make certain your complete e-mail address was typed in, i.e.

Reason # 2 - The error might have occurred because you typed your email incorrectly.

" I want to change my username/e-mail address."

To change your e-mail, log in, click "Edit E-mail/Pass" under "MY USER ADMIN" section. Type your new e-mail address on the blank required under Update E-mail, provide your password and submit the form. Your new e-mail will immediately take effect.

" I want to change my alternate e-mail address."

Alternate e-mail is a back-up email in case we cannot contact you thru your main email.To change your alternate e-mail, click "Edit E-mail/Pass" under the "MY USER ADMIN" section. Click "clear fields" under Alternate E-mail, then type your new alternate e-mail address on the blank required. Click "Update Alternate" for the change to take effect.

" I want to change my password."

To change password, click "Edit E-mail/Pass" under the "MY USER ADMIN" section. Update your Password by typing your current password on the designated field, then enter new password and confirm it. Click "submit" and your new password will immediately take effect.

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Access Problems

" I try to set up an account but I get an error message like "Page cannot be displayed", "The server could be down or is not responding", or "Connection has Timed Out."

This kind of problem may lie on your company's Firewall/Proxy settings. Most of the Internet is broadcasted through port 80, which is like a "channel". But some of the JobsCity.Net pages use port 8080 as well. It might be that your company's Firewall/Proxy settings may not be allowing you access through port 8080.

To confirm if you are having problems with port 8080, visit the following link:

If you can view the text without any errors this will mean that your Firewall/Proxy is fine. If you do get an error, then you might want to alert your network administrator first about it and check if allowing traffic through port 81 will solve the problem. If you need further assistance, please use our Feedback Form.

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Help Me Find a Good Candidate!

" Where do I search for a good candidate?"

JobsCity.NET offers a lot of ways to search on resumes on-line.

RESUME SEARCH is our engine that would give results of resumes according to the desired location or origin of the applicant. Choose the country where your company is located and type the keyword that describes your requirements for an applicant. For example, keywords can contain applicant's city, particular skills, job title, school or any other word you wish to see in a resume.

ADVANCE SEARCH allows you to narrow your seach results based on the various criteria you select. Type in a keyword that describes the type of candidate you are looking for and include any qualifying requirements such as, City, Education, Title, Industry, Experience, Salary, etc. Only resumes that match all of your requirements will be displayed. If the system retrieved zero or a small number of resumes, you may want to reduce deselect some of the criteria. Do not forget to press Clear button if you would be conducting a new search.

SKILL SEARCH enables you to find candidates based on the skills they emphasized. Example, if you are looking for someone who has "database" skills, type the word "database" in the SKILL field (required), select the Location (required) and choose any of the following optional criteria: Knowledge, Experience, Last Used and Used.

SCHOOL SEARCH enables you to find candidates based on the school information they provided. Level of schooling included are high school, college, and graduate school. School name and Location are required search fields. You can narrow the results based on Major, Degree type and GPA. If you set a GPA requirement, you must be aware of the grading system of the university/school you are searching for.

TEST SEARCH enables you to find candidates based on their performance on Standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT. Test name, Score and Location are required search fields. If the test you prefer to search for is not included in the Standard drop down selection, select "Other" and include the name of the test on the field below.

Search Tip: Use specific keyword/s that will help distinguish resume from the others. There are certain common words ignored by our database because they are very popular and can occur may times in one resume.

" Why can't I access the services of advance/school/skills/test search?"

School/Skill/Advance/Test search engines are paid features of JobsCity.NET. These features are made available if you have upgraded to the correct paid membership level. Free members do not have access to these features. Although, Basic members have access to Advance Search, they do not have access to Skill,School and Test search. To inquire about membership upgrades, please use our Feedback Form.

"Why does my keyword search results with "The query contained only ignore words"

A resume can contain about 500-800 words, but not all of those words are descriptive of the skills and experiences of the candidate. For example, words like 'the', 'because', 'for' are ignored because they can occur many times in one resume, while not being able to distinguish the resume from others. We advise that your keywords be more descriptive like, 'oracle','html','sales',etc.

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" Why does my search result come up with no list of resumes?"

Reason # 1 - You may be using keywords that are rarely found in resumes. Please use words that in general describe the qualities you are looking for in a candidate.
TIP: words describing industry, position, skills, software, etc.

Reason # 2 - You may be defining your searches (naming your specific requirements) too narrowly in the advance search engine. TIP: start off by using less criteria, and if there are too many results then start adding more criteria to your search.

" How can job seekers view my postings?"

Job seekers will be able to search for your job listing using the Job Search or Browse Jobs features. If your job matches the criteria set by the job seeker, your posting will be included among a list of matches, and the job seeker will be presented with a brief summary of your job (Company Name, Position, Location, Salary, and Post Date). If they are interested, they can click on a link which will provide them with the complete details of your job posting and a way to apply.

" How do I send my job posting to my chosen candidate?"

After viewing the resume of the candidate you have found by using one of the search engines, you can send the job posting by clicking the link "Click Here For Listed Contact Information or to Send a Job" at the bottom of the page. The link will directly lead you to a page that displays the public contact information of the job seeker and a form which allows you to send them your job via e-mail.

Help Me Manage My Job Postings!

" How do I create job posting?"

Creating a job posting is easy. As soon as you are registered for a new account, you can create a new job posting by logging in and clicking on 'Post A Job'. Simply input the details for your job listing. Fields written in red are required fields, thus, necessary to be filled up. Click submit when you are done and your posting will be activated immediately.

Why do you require a Zip Code? The job opening I am going to post would apply to various locations…"

City and Zip Code are required because we want to make that available to candidates in most cases. But it is up to you to type in whatever value you want. "Any US City" would be fine. Or you can type "N/A" or anything else in the Zip Code field if you don’t want to target a location on your jobs posting

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" How do I monitor the progress my job posting is making and if an applicant applied to my job posting?"

Log into your account, click on "Manage Jobs", find the particular job posting you are interested in and click on its respective "Applicants" link. The following page will reveal information how many times your job posting has been searched, viewed and applied to. A list of any applicants who are interested in applying for the job will be presented.

" How do I change the contact person for my job posting?"

Log into your account, click on "Contact Info" and you will be presented with a page where you can edit your company's various contact information.

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" How do I edit/delete my job posting?"

To edit/delete postings, log into your account and click on "Manage Jobs". You will be presented with the appropriate "Edit" and "Expire" links for each job.

" How do I expire my job posting?"

If you wish to expire a posting, click "Manage Jobs" after logging in and find the job you want to remove from the searchable database. Click the job's "Expire" link and you will be asked to confirm the expiration of the the job before it is de-activated.

"How do I re-activate my job posting?"

To re-activate a job posting, click "Manage Jobs" in one of the tools made available in My Office. Click the link "View Expired Jobs",then click the "Activate" link and confirm decision by pressing the Reactivate button.

Can we post jobs using an email template?

Our site was designed to be fully user-operated. This means all users must submit and update their own information. Unlike other sites though, the benefit of this system is that there is no lag from the time you post the jobs and the time the jobs actually get posted.

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My Membership Account

" How do I Enhance my Free Membership at no cost (link to us)?"

There is no charge to Enhance your Free Membership. All you have to do is put a link to on a page no more than 2 clicks away from your company homepage. Once your Free Membership is Enhanced you will enjoy all the benefits of the Free account with the following upgraded features:

* 10 Job Posting Slots (up to 7 more)
* 50 Search Results (25 more)
* 20 Resume Views per Month (5 more)
* 15 Contacts per Month (5 more)

To Enhance your Free Membership now, log into your JobsCity.NET recruiter account and click the "Enhance Account" link under Company Admin, or Click Here.

" Are there any charges at all for free membership?"

Our free membership is absolutely FREE. There are no hidden charges for any or all of the features the FREE membership allows you to use. And there will be no surprise bill for any current or previous usage of these free features.

Paid or upgraded services are only available after paying for them.

" How many job listings can free members posts on JobsCity.NET?"

The free account comes with 3 Job Posting Slots. But please note that this will change on a usage basis. Those who submit 3 jobs within the first week of activation will see their job posting limit increase, while those who do not post any jobs within the first week of activation will see their job posting limit decrease. At no cost Free Members can increase their free job postings to 10 by upgrading to Enhanced status simply by adding a link to JobsCity.NET to their company homepage.

" How do I upgrade my membership?"

See the Membership page.

" How do I cancel my membership?"

To cancel your Upgraded Membership, simply notify us your desire to cancel at least 5 work days before the start of the next billing period. You can contact us by using our FEEDBACK FORM.

Contact Information

"How do I contact JobsCity.NET by phone?"

Our customer support service number is +63-2-338-3278, (Manila, Philippines).


"How do I delete my company account?"

If you no longer have any use for your JobsCity.NET company account, simply visit the following page: and submit the email your account is registered under.



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