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About Us


JobsCity.NET has a simple plan -- to be the Best, Free, International Job-Related web site. We mean to close the distance between candidates and employers by providing cutting-edge technology that is simple and enjoyable to use. Thanks to the internet and advances in information applications, the idea of looking for the perfect job or finding the right talent no longer has to be a painful or arduous proposition.

Candidates from all corners of the planet will be able to search for jobs locally or internationally. They will be equipped with an advanced search engine that can pinpoint the jobs that suit them based on keywords, skills, location, experience, educational background, schedule, salary, benefits, etc... Or by creating a descriptive yet confidential online resume, they can sit back and wait for interested employers to find them. JobsCity.NET will be constantly providing tips, advice, and proven techniques in helping candidates control and manage their careers with the goal of living a more fruitful and satisfying work life. No one will ever want to go back to the inefficient method of scouring the local newspaper's classified ads for jobs.

With labor markets becoming increasingly competitive, employers must look beyond its local boundaries and embrace the advantages of the internet to find the most skilled, experienced, and educated people, wherever they may be. With that in mind JobsCity.NET has created a rare combination of advanced features, completeness of data, and level of affordability for employers to tackle today's highly competitive labor market. HR staff and recruiters will be able to do general keyword/geographic searches or very specific searches with more than 20 different criteria, which include skills, experience, school, major, gpa, test scores, visa status. They can also keep track of the candidates who applied to their specific job listings and make notes on those who are more qualified. What's more, JobsCity.NET has partnered with Alumni.NET, the leading international alumni web site, with a growing database of over 3.5 million high school and college graduates worldwide. JobsCity.NET will provide the access to recruit these highly educated, internet-savy people.

But don't believe every word we say. Start a free account today and find out for yourself!

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