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Tips for the Multidisciplinarian

You're probably a Liberal Arts grad, a Double-Major, or just a 'multitalented guy', ready to take on the workforce with more than one particular job objective in mind. Or you could even have a very colorful work history, having held jobs in nearly everything from Sales to Programming to Finance and wherever else you were taken by professional circumstance. Or better yet, maybe you're just not so sure now which field you'd like to work in.

You're probably the multidisciplinarian, armed with more than one talent pulling you to several career goals at this point in your life. By some reason or the other, you feel called to different careers, and you're not sure which one to answer truly. Whatever the case is, you've got more than one career goal in life. One thing's for sure though-you've got one Job Objective: To find a good job. Here are a few tips to shape up your resume(s) and help keep your multidisciplinarian jobhunt focused and effective:

  • Try narrowing down your choices as hard as you can.

    As much as you can, try to narrow your choices to around three. This will help focus your jobs search not just to fulfilling one of your better career goals, but in reaching your main objective as well: finding a good job. To do this, try cataloguing your best skills and match them with the closest match in your list of career goals.

  • Have a separate resume for each career field on your list.

    This will further aid your pursuits in each field, making the search in each career field on your list more effective. Each recruiter that gets the right copy of your resume can still see a well-focused individual with clear professional objectives, not just vague career goals like "To work in an organization that would best develop my skills". It means more work, but hey, you're the one with multiple goals, right?

  • Make sure each distinct resume lists down all information about you relevant to that field.

    You don't want to bother listing down those IT Firm internships when you're applying for a finance job; what you want to do is minimize the clutter of info about you. Make each recruiter hear only what he or she needs to know about you to get that particular job you want. Just as each career path you're willing to take may be distinct, so should your resume be as well.

  • Organize.

    Create a system of tracking down the success of each resume in helping you find a job. Make a note of where you've sent each resume you've formulated, and which of those companies have already called you back for an interview.

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