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5 - Continent Enterprise Co. Ltd, Pasig, Philippines
Updated: 09/2017 

Overview 5-Continent is a company engaged in chemical industry. We are a dynamic and professional company concentrating our attention only on chemicals filed. Products are widely applied to a broad range of industries. Thanks to trust and support from customers at home and abroad, we have been constantly expanding our business globally. In order to better serve our customers on the oversea markets. 5-Continent has successively set up offices in the capitals of India, Vietnam and Philippines. In this way, we can deal with customers’ needs in an efficient way. We are a company full of unlimited energy. For the following years, we will take our global office presence as one of our main objectives to develop our business to shorten the distance between our customers and 5-Continent, enhance mutual understanding and realize bilateral benefit.



Year Established: n/a

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Employees: n/a

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Pasig,PH

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