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V-Call Center Link (VCCLink), Inc, Makati City, Philippines
Updated: 08/2014 

Agent Level Search Composed of an array of skilled recruiters, with a strong background and knowledge of the industry, capable of forecasting and matching expectations of applicants with what our multinational clients can offer. Guided by our traditional means but through unconventional and innovative methods, recruitment experience at VCC Link has earned recognition. Executive Search Our Executive team partners with Top MNCs in various industries that offer a vast range of upper management level opportunities across all functions from HR, Operations to high level decision-makers. We also represent over 1,200 unique IT Hot Skill roles offered by our prestigious clients in the Information industry. We have filled more than 800 jobs for almost a decade of supporting our clients as we provide the widest selection of opportunities with distinct expertise. Training Programs Near Hire Training Programs are provided to improve and maximize the pool of potential employees. A pioneer



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Headquarters: Makati City,PH

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