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C & F Group "consultant" International LTD., Manama, Bahrain
Updated: 01/2011 

C & F Group ¿consultant¿ International LTD, is a Management Consulting firm working with its clients on creating tangible and measurable solutions for their various challenges, development and problems. We do not carry ready-made recipes to satisfy the needs of our assignment. We analyze situations and tailor solutions then propose successful implementation vehicles for the purpose of each task. Our Business Model We take a unique and creative approach towards working on a business case. We are very much geared towards working from the market itself and convert the result in a rightful business model that can address key parameters and create the right processes to reach strategic targets. By acquiring the services of the best experts in each and every industry we provide our consulting services, our clients can be assured that the paid-up work delivers not only the expected results but also it will bring on board a much broader expertise that can help them develop strategically t



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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Manama,BH

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