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51Talk (Teach.Learn.Earn), Pasig City, Philippines
Updated: 04/2017 

English as a second language dates back to the 15th century. Bilingual programs were implemented in order to strengthen ties with other nations and to open more doors for trading. The high price of learning a new language meant not everybody could take advantage of this opportunity, and tutors had to travel in order to teach those who could afford it. Because of the perpetual advancements in technology, learning has now progressed greatly. From physical school rooms to virtual classrooms, more and more people are now able to obtain knowledge of the universal language of Englishthrough the use of the Internet. 51Talk, the premier online English school in China and the Philippines, specializes in providing quality English online training by facilitating collaborative cultural exchanges between its teachers and students. In today’s world, progress is essential and change is constant. 51Talk continuously responds and adjusts to these demands, maintaining the high standards and top quali



Year Established: 2012

Sector: n/a

Industry: Education

Employees: n/a

Number of Jobs Listed: 0 (View All Active Jobs of 51Talk (Teach.Learn.Earn))

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Pasig,PH

Web Site:


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