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702city lending, Las Vegas, Nevada
Updated: 08/2007 

At 702City Lending, we¿re turning the mortgage industry upside down and shaking out all of the unnecessary jargon, mystery and confusion. The simple truth is that most people don¿t know the first thing about what kind of mortgage is right for them or how to go about figuring it out. We want to end all of that by providing straight forward, low-stress loans that really make sense for the borrower. In fact, at our core lies the pledge that every 702City Lending Mortgage must provide a tangible benefit to our client. The truth about mortgages is that there¿s no one standard solution that¿s best for everyone. On the surface, the longest term might look good, but when we dig a little deeper, it could end up costing you more money than necessary. At 702City Lending, we spend that extra time getting to really understand you and building a loan that will truly benefit you.



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Headquarters: Las Vegas,US-NV

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