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00International Memberships, Kenneth City, Florida
Updated: 11/2007 

00 International is a diversified International Company, Engaged in research, development, marketing and manufacturing of electronic products. We are an association of former, present and future assemblers. Offices are WORLDWIDE. 00 is the manufacturer of some very popular products, such as the FM MODULATOR, the CELL PHONE SILENCER and the Radio Advertiser. We farm out our assembly work to outside contractors. Even though the job does not require technical skills we recommend contractors to possess some degree of mechanical aptitude. As a contractor you will be able to assemble our products in the comfort of your home whenever your time schedule permits. If you become a member you will be part owner of 00 and will be able to contract assembly work. We will pay you $7.50(US) + postage for each. No selling. Honest work, fair pay.



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Headquarters: Kenneth City,US-FL

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