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Philippine Batteries Incorporated, Quezon City, Philippines
Updated: 08/2012 

RAMCAR, a fully-integrated Filipino corporation, is involved in manufacturing battery parts and components, battery assembly, distribution, and even recycling. RAMCAR also designs and builds its own equipment and tooling. This is all made possible by its impressive roster of enterprises namely Oriental and Motolite Marketing Coporation (OMMC), Philippine Batteries, Inc. (PBI), Ramcar Technology, Inc. (RTI), Ramcar Batteries, Inc. (RBI) in the US., Super Charge Batteries, Pty. Ltd. The Ramcar Group of Companies is a Filipino-owned organization with a diverse range of business interests. The group is engaged in battery manufacturing, lead processing, plastic production, and tire retreading, real estate development and fastfood operations. Battery manufacturing is the activity of the Ramcar Group. We are the undisputed market and technological leader in the industry via the following brands: Motolite, Oriental and Super Power.



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Headquarters: Quezon City,PH

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