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Gentrade International Philippines Inc., Pasig, Philippines
Updated: 08/2009 

GENTRADE INTERNATIONAL (PHILS.), INCORPORATED Is one of the companies belonging to Siy Cha Group of Companies, an offshoot of a series of business ventures which found its way to the world of motorcycle industry. * 1994, Siy Cha Hardware Corporation (mother company) got engaged in selling and financing farm equipment and implements. * After more than two years in financing, Siy Cha Hardware Corporation (SCHC) shifted to a new business investment, that it, motorcycle units retail, hand in hand with the existing motorcycle parts trading. Henceforth, SCHC became an authorized retailer of the following motorcycle brands: Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. * May 16, 1996, Gentrade International (Phils.), was Incorporated into Siy Cha Group of Companies but it was not until March 14, 1997 when the business on motorcycle financing was finally turned over by Siy Cha Hardware Corporation to Gentrade International (Phils.), Incorporated which operated under the trade name Trans Cycle Mart (TCM)

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Headquarters: Pasig,PH

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