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NGC Medical Specialist Clinic, Ermita, Manila, Philippines
Updated: 01/2009 

NGC MEDICAL SPECIALIST CLINIC, INC. (NGC) is a Medical Institution that provides medical and surgical services to clients. NGC has, for 20 years, continuously supplied premium health care to repatriated Filipino seafarers. At the heart of NGC are its competent physicians who are highly-trained in their respective fields to provide the best quality of medical care to the seafarers. They work with the unselfish dedication to restore the seafarers health, allowing these ailing individuals to resume work at the soonest possible time To address cases requiring prolonged medical care, NGC has affiliated itself with Manila Doctors Hospital (MDH), St. Lukes Medical Center and Medical Center Manila (MCM), all world-class hospitals with established track record in medical care. To date, NGC continues its vision of promoting a first rate standard in health care, devoting its efforts in helping the seafarer recover in time for the next voyage.



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Industry: Health Care

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Ermita, Manila,PH

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