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IBM Solutions Delivery, Inc., Libis, Quezon City, Philippines
Updated: 06/2009 

IBM Solutions Delivery, Inc. is a one hundred percent owned company of IBM.It has access to resources technologies, methodologies and intellectual property of IBM worldwide. Being an independent company from IBM, ISD has its own organization & revenue cost structure that has the flexibility & speed of a global enterprise & can reach a number of non-traditional & emerging markets. ISD is the service delivery arm of IBM Global Services or IGS in the Philippines. With over a decade of in-depth experience gained from major IGS projects, ISD has acquired the discipline & best practices in implementing large & complex system integration projects. ISD's identity as a service company is fully realized when its services business overlooked its traditional hardware business. ISD's offerings are designed to help companies on a variety of levels: Business Consulting Services, Strategic Outsourcing Services & Integrated Technology Services.

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Headquarters: Libis, Quezon City,PH

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