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Work From Home and Love It, Dale, Texas
Updated: 03/2003 

I have a business with a premier wellness company, and what I do is set up preferred customer accounts. We manufacture and distribute a whole range of wellness products such as cleaning products that are safer, environmentally sensitive, and more cost effective. I DO NOT manufacture or deliver products from my home, the company itself does that from their factory. The company also has an outstanding line of vitamin supplements, weight loss products, and such that take care of our physical wellness. We've got personal care and skin care, the list goes on and on. We have over 300 wellness products. I do not physically sell to anyone, however, I certainly endorse the Melaleuca products, and help others make a positive change in their lives by switching to our store. I would love to introduce you to our company.



Year Established: 1985

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Employees: n/a

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Headquarters: Dale,US-TX

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