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Adelphi Consulting N.V., Brussels, Belgium
Updated: 08/2000 

As part of the Systems International Group PLC, @Delphi Consulting was established in August 1999 and has grown significantly into a highly successful company that provide recruitment services in the information technology field to enterprises of all sizes and in all possible sectors of industry and trade. Late 2000 other offices will be opened in every Member State of the EU, so that we can offer a more local service geared towards the customs of each country. On the European market, @Delphi Consulting is known as a company that recruits on behave of their clients a complete range of IT-specialists, e.g. Project/Team Leaders, Analysts, Consultants, Analyst-Programmers, System Engineers, Network Specialists, Installation Engineers, Systems Administrators, Designers, Trainers, Security Analysts, Business Analyst, IT Management, Technical Support, Testers, Project Planners, Web Developpers, Operational Analysts.

@Delphi Consulting has been able to cover all areas of IT thanks to its consultants who are continously trained and will follow the latest IT developments. Most importantly, as we said, sound ethics and strict recruitment rules are vital to a good working relationship. The result: a well trained, flexible and above all a highly motivated IT-recruitment team!


Year Established: 1999

Sector: Recruitment Services

Industry: Consulting Services

Employees: 46

Number of Jobs Listed: 0 (View All Active Jobs of Adelphi Consulting N.V.)

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Revenue: n/a

Ownership: Private


Headquarters: Brussels,BE

Web Site:


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