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Job.NET Tips for Writing Effective Job Listing:

  • Complete the job listing fields. Completing all or most of the fields in a job posting will help candidates know exactly what kind of job you are hiring for. In addition, with candidates having the ability to conduct very specific searches such as looking for a job under a specific industry, salary range, educational requirement, years of experience, skill set, etc., it will be prudent to enter all these information.
  • Use important keywords. Concentrate on utilizing keywords that are descriptive of the job. Especially for online job searches, good use of keywords in describing the job is the most important element in attracting the right candidates. Without the right keywords, your job would nearly be impossible to find.
  • Be descriptive. Make sure that your job listing gives clear description of the role and position available. The more descriptive you are with your job listing the more you will get qualified and interested candidates.
  • Specify clearly your requirements. It will encourage more quality responses from qualified candidates. Plus, there will be some level of candidates self-selecting themselves out of your position if you state required qualifications they do not have.
  • Do not post discriminating requirements. Employment discrimination on the basis of age, sex, religion, race, color, disability or familial status is strictly prohibited by international laws.
  • Properly merchandise your company and what it has to offer to the candidate. Project an attractive corporate image, one that is stable, caring and fun to work for. and make your proposed compensations competitive and fair. If you are looking for someone from an extremely competitive industry, i.e., database programmers, make sure you fill out the additional compensation/benefits fields. One of the fringe benefits you offer just might help them choose you.



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